W & G Landscaping and Construction

I have to post to let everyone know what a wonderful thing W & G Excavating did on Christmas Eve at our local Foodland. They randomly walked up to cashiers and told them they were paying for that customers groceries. They did not make a big show of it either. Just quietly nodding or whispering it to the cashier. Then walked away to pay at another cashiers line.

They were there for a few hours. Many locals had their groceries paid for that day. Not only that, when they left, they left money for a cashier to choose the next person. It restores my faith that there are so many kind people out there in this world.

He said they were celebrating 25 years of service in they area and wanted to pay it forward, as so many people have supported his business over the years. All he asked for, was for the customer to pay it forward to someone else.

The next time you are looking for work to be done please remember these kind folks and give them a call.

You can visit their website here.

Call: 1-705-738-1522 Toll Free: 1-866-738-1522

Fax: 705 738 0169

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