Don’t forget to vote

Here is a list of our local candidates:

Jamie Schmale: Conservative Party of Canada

Alison Davidson: People’s Party of Canada –

Zac Miller: NDP –

Judi Forbes: Liberal –

Angel Godsoe: Green Party –

I could not find a website

Gene Balfour: Libertarian –

I don’t know why this space is here. Sorry.

I think this is everyone. If I missed any, let me know.

Hamburger Cake From FoodLand

I asked Abbey who works at our local Foodland to make this cake. I missed a friends birthday and thought this would make up for it. Abbey is such a talented baker. Isn’t this an awesome cake? I can’t eat sweets but she knew my Mom can and brought over a big slice for her. She said it was delicious and not overly sweet. You know how some icings can be too sweet? This one was perfection! Thanks Abbey!

Pressure Washed Patio

The guy next door came over and pressure washed my patio. Just look at the difference! Isn’t that amazing? The people in Bobcaygeon are so friendly.

You Have Maille

Chainmaille, that is. This is a bracelet I made years ago. It took a long time and a lot of patience.

The Bees Loved This Flower.

I wish I could remember what I planted! Anyone know?

Succulents Are Easy to Grow.

They don’t require much attention. Water a few times through the summer. Almost impossible to kill. Give them about six hours of sun. That’s it.

Love the Light Play on This Spiral

I See This Look On Peoples Faces

Just remember. This too shall pass. Hang in there!

The Peas Have Sprouted

Can’t wait to eat some fresh peas from the garden. I can’t stand cooked peas. Pick and eat them right away. They rarely make the trip indoors!

Having a Crappy Day?

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