Hamburger Cake From FoodLand

I asked Abbey who works at our local Foodland to make this cake. I missed a friends birthday and thought this would make up for it. Abbey is such a talented baker. Isn’t this an awesome cake? I can’t eat sweets but she knew my Mom can and brought over a big slice for her. She said it was delicious and not overly sweet. You know how some icings can be too sweet? This one was perfection! Thanks Abbey!

graz Restobar

I finally ordered the Jalapeno Burger and it was awesome! Everyone in town kept telling me how good the burgers were and they were right. I hear they cook a mean prime rib dinner too. Loving this the menu, check it out here. The owners are so nice. I got to go in (practicing all health and safety rules) and see all of the changes they have made. It looks great. I noticed they are adding garage doors out front like the others. Be sure to stop and eat there if you are ever in Bobcaygeon.

If you follow them on Facebook, they let you know about things that are not on their menu that they are making that day. BBQ’s too!

The Jalapeno Burger I had was a house made beef patty, sriracha mayo, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, jalapenos, onion rings. (which is served with a choice of house-cut fries, pasta salad, soup of the day.) I had the fries. But check this out: you can substitute for garden, Caesar or Greek salad for $2.99 or poutine, onion rings, or sweet potato fries for $3.99. Substitute for gluten friendly bun $1.49

They are located right near the Locks on 38 Bolton St. You can have your meal delivered to your door.

Visit their website here.



Phone: (705) 738-6343

Kale Salad Recipe

Not a fan of kale? You might be once you try this recipe. There is no need to massage the kale if you remove it from the stem and cut it into fine pieces. Sitting in the dressing for a while will soften it enough. You could also buy baby kale which is soft enough to use right away.

Step one: Prepare the kale. (wash, dry and cut)

Step two: Decide what you want to add to your salad. The dressing is so good you can eat it plain. I usually pour a touch of olive oil in a frying pan and lightly brown some pine nuts. This brings the pine nuts a whole new punch of flavor! Add them to the salad with a handful of dried cranberries.

Dressing Recipe:

2 tablespoons – Tahini (found near peanut butter in most stores) (Made from sesame seeds into a smooth paste)

2 tablespoons – Real maple syrup

1 tablespoon – Lemon juice

1 tablespoon – Olive Oil

2-3 pinches – Cayenne powder

Pinch of salt and pepper (optional)

Directions: I usually put this in a squeeze bottle and shake it up. You can use a jar with a lid or simply mix it in a bowl. Add just as much needed to coat the kale (with pine nuts and dried cranberries.) Toss well. Let sit in the refrigerator for a while if you want to soften the kale.

Old Advertisement – Miracle Whip

I found a bunch of old newspapers during a renovation. Toronto Daily Star. Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 1959. I only use Kraft Miracle Whip in my potato salad. One day I will share my moms recipe because most people don’t make it the same way she does. It’s the best!

Roasted Peppers on the BBQ Recipe

I am going to be posting my salsa recipe soon, so I thought it best to show how to roast peppers on the BBQ first. This is what makes the salsa so delish!


Preheat your BBQ to medium high.

Take what ever kind of peppers you want. Mix and match.

Cut in half. Clean out inside and wash.

Pat dry.

Brush both sides of the pepper with olive oil.

Grill on BBQ until tender and slightly blackened.

Take from grill and remove the parts that are black.

Other things to do:

You can enjoy these on their own, store them in the refrigerator for a few days or preserve them.

I put some on a baking tray and put them in the freezer. Once frozen, take them out and put them in an airtight package. Throw them back in the freezer. They can freeze for up to two months.

Preserve them in a jar. Just do a web search for instructions.

I dehydrate them too. I keep them in an airtight container, then use a mortar and pestle when needed. There is no end to what you can throw them into or onto. I also run some through a grinder to make a powder. Great to add nutrition and flavour to meals and beverages!

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe

I love stuffed pork tenderloin. There are so many things you can use, dressing, veggies, cheese. The choice is yours! I used Swiss chard and spinach for this one. Slice the pork down the middle stopping 1/4 inch at the bottom. Open it up. Lay it between plastic wrap and pound it out to about 1/4 inch thick. You can trim the fat, and make it look like a perfect rectangle. I didn’t.

I coated it in olive oil and threw on a bunch of fresh herbs from the garden. Just use what you like.

Top it with some veggies.

Throw on some cheese. Feta or goat is my preference. Use whatever kind you want.

Roll it length-wise. You can tie it with kitchen string. You can brown the outside in a greased skillet before putting it in the oven. Put it in a pre-heated oven. 350 degrees for 50 – 60 minutes or until the thermometer reaches 160 degrees. Let stand for 5 minutes before cutting.

Dinner is served!

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