Miniature Yarn Hat Tutorial

Aren’t these adorable?

You can use anything round for the rim. Cut a piece from a toilet paper roll or something similar. I used the bottom of a used K-Cup.

The length of the yarn will depend on how small or large your hat will be. I wrapped a bunch of yarn around some dowels. Tied it in the middle to hold them together and then cut the ends. Leaving me with several strands to work with.

Now it is time to attach the strands around the rim.

Keep going until you have covered the entire rim.

Now we will fold the yarn under the rim and up through the middle.

Next we will tie some yarn near the top where we will make the pom-pom. Cut to desired size.

If you would like fuzzy hat, use a cat hair brush. Brush strands before pushing them up through the rim.

I save the fuzz from the brush to use as hairs for my clay dolls. But that is for another post.

Bucket of Snowballs

I made these Christmas tree ornaments from used k-cups. An easy craft to make with your family. Acrylic paint and plastic don’t work well together. Whenever I have a difficult to paint object, I go to my usual method, using watered down school glue and used one layer of a cheap napkin to cover the item. Let dry and decorate any way you wish.It does take time for the napkin and glue to dry before you can paint it. You could use good markers instead.

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