Bucket of Snowballs

I made these Christmas tree ornaments from used k-cups. An easy craft to make with your family. Acrylic paint and plastic don’t work well together. Whenever I have a difficult to paint object, I go to my usual method, using watered down school glue and used one layer of a cheap napkin to cover the item. Let dry and decorate any way you wish.It does take time for the napkin and glue to dry before you can paint it. You could use good markers instead.

Greetings By Kelly

I was so happy to receive my first Christmas card of the season. Kelly, from Greetings By Kelly, sent me this hand-made card and matching ornament. Thanks!

You can see her wonderful creations at her website here.

I designed and help run her website (which I haven’t kept up with because her focus is now on Facebook. One day I will get to it. You can still see most of her creations there. Lately she has been making amazing signs and decor with chalk paint. She even gave me a lesson on it and I think I found another hobby.

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